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Monday, February 4, 2013


I've been receiving some anonymous comments on the blog regarding the availability of the freebies posted here. Since I can't respond directly to anonymous comments and many others have sent me questions, I thought I would make a few points here in a post.

1. Freebies are usually only available for a limited time. It is not surprising to me that a freebie that was posted over a year ago is no longer around. If you want to gather up the most freebies, follow the blog regularly and grab the new stuff.

I do occasionally make a mistake and post a freebie that is no longer free. I apologize. That's just me not paying attention or posting something ahead of time when it has a short expiration date which was not clear to me.

2. If you love digital scrapbooking freebies you'll do yourself a great service by getting a Facebook account. Even if it's only a semi-anonymous one with a fake name, no profile info, etc. You don't have to "friend" anyone or communicate at all through Facebook. The very best freebies are only available on Facebook.

Designers give away free items to garner new sales. Period. They may say differently (a thank you, celebrating a milestone, etc) but it's really a marketing tool. Facebook is an excellent way to continually communicate with fans about new products. In order to do that, the designer needs you to "like" their page so their posts show up in your "news feed". They entice you to "like" them by offering up Facebook-exclusive freebies. A freebie on a blog or in a store may generate a single visit from you, but with a Facebook "like" a designer has your ear...or your eye. That's why...and I'll say it again...the very best freebies are only available on Facebook.

3. If you are a designer and you don't see your stuff on this blog it's either because I haven't found you yet or I just don't care for your product. This is not anything personal. This is a private blog owned by an ordinary citizen who has her own opinion and taste. And I won't compromise that by posting something I don't like out of sympathy, intimidation or payment (except in the form of paid freebie posts which are clearly labeled).

4. And finally, thank the designers regularly. While freebies might be a form of advertising, they're also a really nice way to start digital scrapbooking and to build up your stash of supplies.

Now, back to the freebies!
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